You Foolish Galatians!!!

Our Blog is about Grace. God’ Riches at Christ’s Expense, someone has said. You will find an occasional article on a different subject but our main focus is the Grace of God. It is clear that many Christians do not understand the Grace of God.

Paul dealt with this issue almost constantly. Judaizers and other Jewish Christians insisted that new gentile converts keep the law of Moses in order to be saved. Paul deals with these issues as straightforwardly as he can throughout his epistles but especially in Galatians and Ephesians.

Many Christians today feel like they must earn God’s love and blessing. This could not be farther from the truth. Paul called the Galatians foolish for going back to the law after being saved by the grace of God. Some translations translate “foolish” in some pretty derogatory ways!

The author of Hebrews says we have been perfected forever. These are the issues we will discuss in this blog.

Now upfront, I would like to state that I am not making light of sin or teaching people that it is okay to sin. Sin is terrible and opens the door for Satan to destroy your life and drive you away from God. But what I am going to prove to you from scripture is that as a believer your sin s forgiven past, present, and future. When God looks at you, he sees a perfected spirit washed clean of sin, all because of what Jesus did on the cross, not because of something you did or do.

Some will say this is heresy, because the traditions of the church say differently. Well, I am sorry, but I cannot agree. Any doctrine that teaches that you must do this or that to be saved is a false doctrine. We are saved by the grace of God alone–not by anything we can ever do. How much were you praying and fasting before you were saved? NONE!

If by obeying the law we could be saved, there was no reason for Jesus to die. But by His death, He has satisfied the penalty that we deserved forever.

Please stop by often. This teaching can change your life. It certainly did mine.


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